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SheCodes is an exciting platform for women to Explore,Collaborate & Deploy Machine Learning algorithms in Real life application.  The efforts are being made by SheCodes to ” Bridging the Gender-gap” towards technology and bringing out the creativity and innovation among women.

SheCodes provide useful skills to start new journey toward Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that will be helpful to cope up with the upcoming technological advances.

“Personal participation is the universal principle of knowing ! “

It’s a great opportunity to learn, code, create , collaborate and win.


event Registration


August 5, 2020



August 20, 2020



August 23, 2020

Opening Ceremony

August 24, 2020

Training Period


October 10, 2020

Training Period


October 10, 2020

Project Competition


October 16, 2020

Project Competition


October 17, 2020

Results and Closing Ceremony

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is She Codes​

    SheCodes is a two month training + project event meant for all the females who are coding enthusiasts. Selected participants will be trained for 1.5 month, which will be followed by a capstone project. Winners of the project competition take away exciting cash prizes.

  • How much does it costs

    She Codes is absolutely free to attend! You can participate for free via. the link above or click here

  • What is the eligibility?

    All women are eligible to participate in event.

  • What if I don't know how to code?​

    That is not a problem! A great way to learn how to code is by taking part in such events. It's an event for like-minded people to share what they are interested in and teach each-other what they are passionate about, whether its coding, electronics or anything else you want to know about. You never know what new skill you might pick up! You can also ask specific questions to our mentors and in the Discord server, where people are there to help. Plus we have planned numerous workshops and talks for you guys to make the learning process better.

  • Why is She Codes for you or why should you participate in it?​

    She Codes is an Online training with capstone project, which means it provides you the opportunity to participate directly from your Home, no fuss of going here and there. Prizes worth 15,000 INR. You will learn how to work remotely and handle multiple things. Perhaps, a golden opportunity to connect with like-minded participants.

  • Will Certificates be provided?

    Yes, Certificates will be provided at the end of the event.

  • What are prerequisites

    There are no pre-requisites. We will cover from basics.


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